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For nearly three decades, Creative Worldwide has been dedicated to delivering top-quality sweaters and knitwear that follow the latest fashion trends from around the world. We offer innovative stitches at affordable prices utilizing a global supply chain that enables product and design developed from raw materials to apparel sold at retailers worldwide.

We proudly offer an extensive selection of yarns and trims that can be tailored to meet each client’s specific needs, and we continuously incorporate more recycled and sustainable yarns to deliver more than 300 new styles each market. Our offerings allow each client to better serve the needs of their customers.

Global Capabilities

Our New York City location paired with our local and worldwide partnerships allows us to leverage our global reach to help brands and retailers stay informed and respond to evolving customer trends.

The factory we utilize in Queens, NY is one of the last standing knitting mills of its kind in the US, and we are proud of our domestic operation and all who make this facility successful.

Our China offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou are helpful in sourcing yarns and materials to produce high quality garments. Its proximity to industrious counties provides access to production in emerging markets such as Cambodia and Vietnam which in turn helps us help our customers no matter what their needs are.


Our extensive experience in the knitting business provides us the with the ability to cater to the needs of each client from concept to shipping. Connecting brands and retailers to vast production capabilities has been our specialty and our market knowledge makes us the best partner for any sweater related products.

Our dedicated team is always within reach for any of your apparel needs.

  • Design & Sampling

    Design & Sampling

    We collect styles from around the world and have the ability to develop samples within 7-14 utilizing our local and international facilities.

  • Fit/Pattern Making

    Fit/Pattern Making

    We are dedicated to finding and producing the right fit you are looking for and work directly with your technical department to ensure quality.

  • Programming


    Our staff keeps current and educated on the latest updates to the complicated machinery to ensure maximum efficiency and durable knitting procedures.

  • Full Service Production Team

    Full Service Production Team

    Our team follows each and every style from design to order to shipping. No matter how complicated an order gets, we maintain quality and comply with regulations on each style to ensure timely delivery.

  • Quality


    Our dedicated team of inspectors that know what to look for and make sure that production throughout the entire process meets the quality requirement at the highest standard.

  • Shipping


    We are compliant and current with all electronic shipping requirements from single store packs to bulk shipments, so you are covered for all your packaging needs for speed to market production with attached price tickets and floor ready packaging.

Our Team

Jim Buschiazzo

Jim Buschiazzo

Vice President

Michelle Lau

Michelle Lau

Director of China Operations

Jay Underwood

Jay Underwood

Brand & Style Strategist


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